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We create SMART solutions by leveraging 5G, AI, IoT, MEC as Enabling Technologies

Monetise your data assets

Create disruptive SMART solutions

Digital transformation with enabling technologies

SMART Industries

By leveraging 5G, AI, IOT, and Edge Cloud technologies, Pentiot designs, implements and supports SMART solutions including: 

SMART Agriculture



Pentagon icon with water symbol in the middle

SMART River Defence

Pentagon with a pickaxe in the middle symbolising mining


SMART Surveillance

SMART Energy

Enabling Technologies

Artificial Intelligence



Multi-Access Edge Computing

Digital Twin Technology

Digital Ledger Technology

How we work

Pentiot is an integrator of enabling technologies including:

  • 5G (and 4G LTE) including spectrum acquistion, radio access network, and core.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and other data sources to build a SMART picture of the real world. A picture that can be acted on to implement the desired intelligent behaviour.
Diagram showing a 4 layer approach - applications, data processing, data management and data acquisition
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